Sunday, November 4, 2012

How-To: Easy Inexpensive Gift Plates

There are lots of easy, inexpensive treats available to make as Christmas gifts, like Super Simple No Fail Fudge.

However, that leaves the question of how to package your goodies to give them away; if you have to buy a tin or plate for every gift, this is often the most expensive part of the gift.

Not anymore!

This brilliant idea costs pennies, and allows you to adjust for any gift-giving occasion, all with supplies you probably already have in the house.

What You Will Need

1-3 paper plates (you can even get cute ones appropriate to the occasion, or decorate them yourself)
Approx. 2 feet of ribbon
Hole punch or Xacto knife

How To Assemble

Punch or cut a holes a quarter inch or so from the edge of your plate, about an inch to an inch and a half apart.  On the plate I used, I skipped two 'ripples' in between each hole (the last one was on the next ripple to the first, but that was fine as the bow goes there.)  If you will be heavily loading the plate, use two or even three together and cut through all of them at the same time so that they line up properly.

String your ribbon through the holes, alternating top and bottom.  This will be easier if you pull enough through the first hole to make it all the way around and tie a bow at the end, instead of trying to pull it as you need it.

Tie a pretty bow, cut off excess ribbon, and you're done!  If your gift will need to travel, wrap with cellophane and use the same ribbon to tie it shut.

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