Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Yellow Roses Split Monogram Design

This is, without contest, my favorite design in some time that I've made on Zazzle. While I love most of my work, obviously – if I didn't, I wouldn't post it – somehow this style just came together perfectly; every detail works in flawless synergy with every other. From the simple yet elegantly dignified customizable monogram center seal with its floral scrollwork accents, to the textured ribbon divider, and of course the vintage style earthtone yellow roses with their soft moss green leaves all on a warm brown background.

I am of course continuing on to my next design, and hundreds more to follow no doubt... but it will be a while before I top this one, I'm sure.

(These small images to not do the design justice; click through to see the full-size designs!)

Gold Yellow Roses on Brown with Monogram

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